How to Get Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal

Getting reforge stones in Diablo Immortal

by Gordon Bicker


Diablo Immortal is fleshed out with content for players to enjoy working their way through. From completing the main story quests to going on your own adventures, there is something for everyone within the experience. Of course, while you are playing through the game you will be wanting to collect a lot of resources to continue upgrading your character’s gear. One of these resources that you may be focusing on collecting are reforge stones and this guide article will take you through the process of how to get Diablo Immortal Reforge Stones.

Obtaining Diablo Immortal Reforge Stones

There are various ways you can acquire Diablo Immortal reforge stones. The first of which is to buy them from Lieutenant Fizriah within Rakkis Plaza. You will be able to buy 8 reforge stones each week and they can be ‘bought’ by trading Hilts with the Lieutenant. There is also another NPC you can buy reforge stones from in Rakkis Plaza however it will cost currency which is bought with real money. You can purchase Family reforge stones from Yverius with 100 Eternal Orbs.

Further, you can also get reforge stones from working through the battle pass for the experience. At tier/rank 26 you will receive three reforge stones and at tier/rank 30 you will get one Mystery reforge stone. These are the main ways that you will be gaining the reforge stones throughout the game. Working through the battle pass is absolutely a great way to gain more reforge stones instead of spending real money if you’ve got the 8 reforge stones from Lieutenant Fizriah already for the week.

It’s time to dive into the servers and collect the reforge stones that you will be needing this month if you plan to utilize them!

Diablo Immortal is available now for IOS, Android, and can be played on PC.

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