How to Get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

See how to get this infamous ride

by Caleb Stultz


There are many vehicles to choose from when looking for the right one for you. There are various details that make your choice important in terms of what you want to drive in Tower of Fantasy. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy. Read on to find out where to get one.

Where Can I Get a Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy?

To get a Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to take part in a particular Apex League event. The Apex League is a regular event in Tower of Fantasy. There are no conditions to join this event, so you can enter as a beginner. However, if you are inexperienced in Tower of Fantasy, you may need to gain experience first and then join the event.

What Do I Need to do in the Apex League to Get the Dust Wheeler?

In the Apex League, players will need to reach Grand Marshal Rank. This is an extremely rare rank, so you will need to be a veteran player with loads of experience to get this rare vehicle in Tower of Fantasy.

The Apex League is only available from 12:00 to 0:00 in your time zone. Also, your rank resets at the end of every season. That can be a blessing or a curse based on what type of player you are.

To get Grand Marshal Rank, follow these steps to rank up in the Apex League:

  • Train. Put a few hours every day into the game to familiarize yourself with how the game mode functions.
  • Save as many resources as possible. This will help you in any late-game situation where you may need more resources against other players.
  • High-tier weaponry. If you have an opportunity to (pay for and) use better weapons, do it. Better weapons mean more damage based on what you use.

As frustrating as it is to hear that this league is all about how much money you spend, don’t fret too much. There are plenty of other awesome vehicles in the game if you do not feel like breaking the bank.

You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

- This article was updated on August 17th, 2022

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