How to Get the Effigy Pendant in Remnant 2

Learn where you can find the Effigy Pendant in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Effigy Pendant Remnant 2
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With close to 60 amulets in Remnant 2, collecting them all will take the most dedicated player. Some are easy to come by, while others are hidden off the beaten path in secret passageways. Take the Effigy Pendant, for example, tucked away in a tiny crawlspace that is easy to miss. This guide will cover how to get the Effigy Pendant in Remnant 2.

Where to Find the Effigy Pendant in Remnant 2

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There are two locations in Losomn where players can find the Effigy Pendant, in either Cottons Kiln or the Butchers Quarters. As you explore one of these two places in Remnant 2, there is a chance for a small crawlspace to spawn that is blocked by a wooden plank.

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This hidden path doesn’t always spawn, so reroll Losomn in Adventure Mode if you can’t find it. Below you will see where I found the hidden passage in Cottons Kiln.

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Once you find this hidden path, break the wooden plank, crouch down, and progress through the crawlspace. This will bring you to an open area, where you must continue forward until you find a purple and red glowing item. The purple item is the Cleansing Stone Amulet, while the Red is a Wooden Box quest item.

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Inspect the Wooden Box by entering your inventory and then opening it to obtain the Effigy Pendant. You may have to rotate the Wooden Box until a button prompt appears.

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Effigy Pendant Effects

The Effigy Pendant is a helpful amulet for those that don’t have the highest health regeneration through Grey Health. The in-game description states, “While Grey Health is present, gain 15% to all damage dealt. 10% damage reduction, and 1 additional hit before Grey health is removed.”

In other words, the Effigy Pendant is only helpful when players have Grey Health. Grey Health appears right after the player takes damage, and considering you will be taking a ton of damage in Remnant 2, the Effigy Pendant can do wonders for any build. If you want to improve your overall regeneration of Grey Health, make sure to upgrade the Bloodstream Trait.

- This article was updated on August 7th, 2023

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