How to Get Titan Blood – Hades

Titan Blood allows you to level up your weapons.

by AOTF Staff

Titan Blood is one of the many different items that you can collect in Hades that will allow you to make permanent progress via unlocks.  There are numerous ways to collect Titan Blood and it’s used to level up your weapons in the game.  In this guide we’ll explain each of the ways that you can get Titan Blood in Hades.

Ways to Get Titan Blood in Hades

  • Beat the First and Last Boss with Each Weapon
  • Complete Prophecies
  • Trade with Wretched Broker in House of Hades
  • Purchase at Charon’s Shop in Temple of Styx
  • Catch Sturgeon Fish and Bring to Chef

Infernal Arms Weapon Aspects and Hidden Aspects all require Titan Blood to upgrade.

Beating the First and Last Boss with Each of the Infernal Arms

The first ways that you’re going to earn Titan Blood in Hades are as you battle out of Tartarus for the first time with any weapon.  Each weapon, upon beating the first boss will reward you with Titan Blood.  Also, each time you beat the final boss you will get Titan Blood as well.  So that’s two that you can earn for each weapon.

Pact of Punishment

Once you’ve beaten the game at least once you will be able to use the Pact of Punishment.  This will allow you to earn more Titan Blood.

Completing The Wanton Ransacking Item in The Fated List

Once you’ve got the Fated List from Achilles you will be able to earn three more Titan Blood.  Completing the Wanton Ransacking Item on the Fated List will earn you three Titan Blood.  This objective requires that you slay various armored Wardens that are guarding key Underworld Chambers.

Trade with the Wretched Broker in House of Hades


The Wretched Broker can be found in the Lounge Area in the House of Hades near the Chef, Meg, and Dusa.  The Broker will have Titan Blood on hand to trade, and will sometimes have a limited time offer where more Titan Blood can be procured for different items.

Purchase from Charon

Charon will be found on every level in Hades, but once you get to Styx you may get a chance to purchase Titan Blood from them.  Keep an eye out for the Temple of Styx shop.  Once you get there you’re going to need to have some pretty healthy balances when it comes to coins.  You’ll need over 1000 coins to purchase Titan Blood once you get to Styx.

Catch a Sturgeon in Greece

Like the other levels, Greece has three different fish you can catch.  If you catch the Sturgeon you can get 1 Titan Blood for doing so.

And that’s everything you need to know about getting Titan Blood in Hades.  Once you’ve got the Titan Blood you’re well on your way to unlocking the Hidden Weapon Aspects in the game.