How to Get Unova Stones in Pokemon GO

Evolve your Unova pals

by Caleb Stultz


Any evolution stone, including the illustrious Unova Stone, is rare in Pokemon Go. They do have several methods of dropping for avid Trainers. Unova Stones are not common and it will take loads of patience to get even one. However, there are some sure-fire methods to obtaining just one if you are in dire need. In this guide, we will show you how to get Unova Stones in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Unova Stones in Pokemon GO

To get Unova Stones fast, Trainers should complete specific Special and Timed Research events offered by Niantic. These happen sporadically, so check in often to see if you can get one.

If you complete the weekly Research Breakthrough challenge, which consists of seven Field Research tasks, you might get Unova Stones to use to evolve your Pokemon.

Some good alternatives include fighitng Team Rocket Leaders like Sierra, Arlo or Cliff. If you defeat any of these three Team Rocket Leaders, there is a chance to get a Unova Stone as a reward.

How to Find Team Rocket Leaders

To find Team Rocket Leaders in Pokemon Go, Trainers will need to beat Team Rocket Grunts and receive Mysterious Components. You need six Mysterious Components to create a Rocket Radar. Once you have the radar, the game with give you a Poke Stop or Team Rocket balloon spawn for one of the three Team Rocket Leaders.

What to Do With Unova Stones Once You Get Them

After you have your Unova Stone, pick the Pokemon you want to evolve and give it the stone. The evolution process requires multiple candies from that Pokemon to finish the evolution. Be careful which Pokemon you choose to evolve as these stones are extremely rare to drop during any of the above tasks.

All the Pokemon that Evolve Using the Unova Stones

Here are all the Pokemon that evolve using the Unova Stone (in bold).

Litwick Lampent Chandelure
Pansear Simisear
Panpour Simisage
Pansage Simipour
Elektrik Elektross
Minccino Cinccino
Munna Musharna

Pokemon Go is available on all mobile devices.

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