Cyberpunk 2077 Dirty Second Hands Guide: How to Get Your Gear From Mr. Hands

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by Diego Perez , Gordon Bicker
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The Phantom Liberty expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 has plenty of downtime, and you’ll often find yourself waiting a long time in between main missions while you wait for your contact to call you with your next objective. Late in the DLC campaign, you can lose all of your gear and weapons inside the Dogtown stadium if you don’t recover them during your explosive escape.

Thankfully, your favorite Fixer Mr. Hands has recovered all of your equipment and will return it to you for a price. Once you pay, however, there’s a long wait ahead of you while he prepares it for you. So, how long do you need to wait to get your gear back exactly?

How to Retrieve Your Weapons From Mr. Hands in Phantom Liberty

If you leave your gear in the Dogtown stadium locker during the Firestarter mission near the end of Phantom Liberty, he’ll text you shortly after the conclusion of the quest and offer to recover it for you in exchange for a $20,000 fee. Once you fork over the Eddies, he tells you that the items will be delivered shortly and he’ll be in touch when they’re ready.

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If this was a normal Cyberpunk 2077 quest, then you could just pass time in the menu and Mr. Hands would call you immediately to let you know that your weapons are ready. However, this quest seems to operate on a different timeline than standard gigs. Rather than being based on in-game time, this timer seems to revolve around actual playtime.

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How Long to Wait for Mr. Hands to Call?

We fast-forwarded the in-game clock a full three weeks during our Phantom Liberty playthrough and Mr. Hands still wouldn’t call. It was only after we gave up and went to take on some side gigs that he finally called roughly 15-30 minutes later. If you’re impatiently awaiting Mr. Hand’s call, then go tackle some side content or just leave your game idle to wait out the timer. Remember, skipping time in the menu doesn’t work here.

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Eventually, Mr. Hands will text you and let you know that your equipment has been delivered. You can find it at the Dogtown apartment hideout on Kress Street. Just head to the fast travel point marked on the map above and take the elevator up to the shady residence where you left President Myers at the start of the DLC campaign.

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Once you make it to the right floor, you’ll find all of your gear inside an unassuming stash placed on top of some cinder blocks and debris near the apartment entrance. No matter how much you were carrying, it all fits perfectly in this neat little box.

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Once you claim all of your things, you can put this whole mess behind you. At this point in Phantom Liberty, all that’s left to do is wrap up the last few missions for whichever ending route you chose during the previous quest. Now that you’re fully geared up, you’ll be prepared for anything that Dogtown has to throw at you.

Are There Many Other Quests in Phantom Liberty Where You Have to Wait for Calls?

Yes, there are a good few quests as mentioned where you will have to go through a similar process. One of which (The Killing Moon) is tied to Songbird which was based on one other route for the ending. I personally also was waiting ages for this call to take place so you certainly aren’t alone in trying to work out when you will actually get a call. As long as you just focus on side activities during the wait time, it won’t feel as long.

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Now that you know how to get your gear back from Mr. Hands though, you can jump back into the game and let the waiting time commence!

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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