How To Import Legacy Courses Into PGA Tour 2K23

Learn how to bring your favorite old course to this new game!

by Shaun Cichacki


While the simulation golf in PGA Tour 2K23 is more than enough to keep players engaged, you’ll also be able to create your own course so you can bring your dreams to life. However, if you played countless hours of PGA Tour 2K21 and built plenty of courses, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to keep those courses and bring them to your new game.

Let’s get into the details of how you’ll be able to do this, and what you’ll need to make sure you have done before you think of bringing your favorite created course into this new game. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about how to import your Legacy Courses into PGA Tour 2K23, and what you’ll need to be cautious of.

How To Import Legacy Courses Into PGA Tour 2K23


If you’re looking to bring your favorite course over to PGA Tour 2K23, you’ll need to make sure of a few things first and foremost. You will not be able to import courses from one console type to another, so no bringing your progress from your Xbox copy of PGA Tour 2K21 to your PlayStation version of PGA Tour 2K23, and vice versa.

While this may be a bit of a shame to those that switched console types during their switch to the newest generation, there is no form of cross-play Multiplayer in this game, so they should be wary of this before trying to bring their courses over.

However, if you played the previous entry in the same console family, or on the same console, you’ll be able to bring your old courses over to your new game in just a couple of clicks. From the Main Menu, you’ll want to navigate over to Designer. Once you have landed on this area, you’ll just want to scroll down to Import Legacy Course. Once you have selected that, you may be treated to a warning, accept that, and you’ll be able to bring your courses over!

While there are plenty of courses to choose from, being able to make your own course from scratch is one of the most exciting parts of this new simulation game. Either making something from your imagination or finding an old course that you’d like to see in a new light, this is another excellent addition to the game to keep you busy for hours on end.

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PGA Tour 2K23 will be available on October 14th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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