How to Join a Clan in Call of Duty Vanguard

Squad up for an overall better experience!

by Elliott Gatica


Clans have been a staple in Call of Duty games for a while now. Squad up with a bunch of mates and take on matchmaking as one unit. With every new iteration of the game since then, the clan system has become more integrated beyond using a combination of 4 letters and numbers. Here’s how you can join a clan in Call of Duty Vanguard.

How to Join a Clan in Call of Duty Vanguard

You can choose to either join a clan or create one, depending on a few factors. If you have a group of friends who you consistently play games with, you can all create and be part of the same clan. If you want to join a clan to have people to play with and communicate with, it’s better to join a clan.

As you get into the game, even when at the game launcher, press triangle/Y (Xbox)/ or look at the top right of the screen and hit “Social”. You’ll then see the Clans tab where you’ll first be prompted to join or create a clan. Clans carry over from other CoD games like Warzone, Black Ops: Cold War, and Modern Warfare 2019.

When you choose to join a clan, there will be a clan browser that shows clans, their capacity, and their privacy settings. They’re either free to join, need you to request an invite, or require only an invite. In this case, you can also search for clans and filter results by privacy and capacity. Other search parameters include people’s activities. Are they competitive, talkative, strategic, or casual? You can look for that in the search labels tab.


However, if you want to be in control as a leader, you can create your own and set your own options for the clan like the name, clan tag, emblem, and other labels like the aforementioned parameters. You can also invite and have players on other platforms join your clan since this series and future iterations will support cross-play moving forward.

Benefits of Being in a Clan

If you are part of a clan, you will gain a flat 10% XP bonus towards all progression in the game. This includes XP for operators, weapons, clan XP, and profile level. It’ll only be applicable if you play with other members of your clan.

You’ll also get exclusive timed rewards for specific challenges given throughout the game. This is also transferable to your Warzone account if you want to have a change of pace in your gameplay.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is available now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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