How to Level Up and Increase Gear Level in God of War Ragnarok

Level up and take on tougher foes.

by Diego Perez

Just like its predecessor, God of War Ragnarok is an RPG with gear, stats, and levels to manage. However, unlike other contemporary role-playing games, God of War Ragnarok does not use XP to govern your level. There is XP, but it has a different purpose entirely. With XP used for other things, how exactly are you supposed to level up in God of War Ragnarok? Also, how are you supposed to increase the level of your gear? Well, both of these actually go hand in hand.

How to Level Up in God of War Ragnarok

Your level in God of War Ragnarok is determined by the gear that you have equipped. Rather than a level in a typical RPG, it functions more like a gear score in a game like Destiny or The Division. As you equip more powerful armor for Kratos, your level will slowly increase. Pay attention to the amount of the level icon that is filled with glowing light. That signifies how close you are to leveling up.


As for increasing the level of your gear, that’s not possible. The only way to get a higher gear score is to craft new gear at Brok and Sindri’s shop. Thankfully, God of War does feature a transmog system so you can keep the look of your favorite outfit intact if you do need to upgrade.

Everything you have equipped factors into the average that determines your overall level, even the grips for the Leviathan Axe and pommels for the Blades of Chaos, so make sure you’re upgrading everything, not just your armor. The level cap in God of War Ragnarok is also surprisingly low, especially compared to most other RPGs, so you might not level up as fast as you’re expecting. Just sit back and enjoy the ride though, and don’t forget to do as many Favors as you can during your playthrough.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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