How to Make a Dumbledore Build in Hogwarts Legacy

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to make a Dumbledore Build in Hogwarts Legacy? Dumbledore is one of the most powerful wizards in the Wizarding World universe. He is the best wizard at Transfiguration, earned a Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spellcasting, and received the Order of Merlin for his defeat of Grindelwald. These are some pretty impressive accomplishments! While Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have the best character creator, and not all of the spells from the universe are in the game, we can still create a build that is pretty close to the powers that Dumbledore wields. Here is how to make a Dumbledore build in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Build Your Character Like Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy


Here is how you build your character to be as powerful as Dumbledore:

  • House: Gryffindor
  • Wand: Elder Wand
  • Spells: Arresto Momentum, Glacius, Incendio, and Depulso
  • Talents:
    • Spells:
      • Incendo Mastery
      • Depulso Mastery
      • Confrigo Mastery
      • Glacius Mastery
    • Dark Arts:
      • Stunning Curse
      • Slowing Curse
      • Enduring Curse
      • Curse Sapper
    • Core:
      • Spell Knowledge 1
      • Basic Cast Mastery
      • Protego Absorption
      • Swift
      • Wiggenweld Potency I
      • Basic Cast Airborne Absorption
      • Protego Expertise
      • Evasion Absorption
      • Stupefy Mastery
      • Wiggenweld Potency II
      • Protego Mastery
      • Stupefy Expertise
  • Traits: Ancient Magic Focus III, and Ancient Magic III

This build works exceptionally well to build on the powerful Ancient Magic. If done correctly, you can constantly build and use Ancient Magic to instantly kill any enemy in the game. You will want to follow the below spell rotation to build as much Ancient Magic as possible:

  1. Cast Arresto Momentum
  2. Attack the enemy with basic attacks to generate Ancient Magic
  3. Use your Ancient Magic attacks

When you start with Arresto Momentum, the enemy will automatically be Cursed because of you using the Slowing Curse Talent. You want to attack them with basic attacks in the air because you will generate a lot of Ancient Magic through the Basic Cast Airborne Absorption talent, which causesattacks on airborne enemies to contribute to the Ancient Magic Meter. You will increase this gain further with the Ancient magic Focus III trait, which significantly increases the Ancient Magic Meter fill rate.

Now you have your Ancient Magic Meter being filled very quickly. It is time to boost its damage. The Ancient Magic III trait significantly increases damage from Ancient Magic. This will be your bread and butter and your most potent damaging technique. Finally, take advantage of the Ancient Magic hotspots spread throughout the world so you are always locked and loaded.

The build then goes on the usefulness of your Protego spell through its use of the Prego Mastery and Pretego Expertise. The Protego Absorption will also let the blocks contribute even more to the Ancient Magic meter’s build. So even when you aren’t attacking, you can build your most powerful attack.

Your other spells, like Glacius, Depulso, and Incendio, are situational spells that should be used depending on the battle you find yourself in. Glacius can freeze an enemy so you can focus on another. Deplso lets you knock back enemies to get them out of your face. Finally, the Incendio spell is the closest to FIrestorm the game offers. This spell adds flavor to the build but is also a great close-quarters defensive AOE spell that can be used when needed.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

- This article was updated on February 11th, 2023