How to Make and Use a Drying Rack in Sons of the Forest

Start prepping for the coming winter

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Endnight Games

You are going to need plenty of food to survive in Sons of the Forest. Before you even begin to worry about the cannibals trying to eat you, you first have to worry about what you are going to eat when the seasons change. With winter, animal meat will be much harder to get, so you will want to make a drying rack to help stockpile some food. let’s go over how to make a drying rack in Sons of the Forest.

What You Need to Make a Drying Rack in Sons of the Forest

Making a drying rack is quite simple, you just need a few sticks. 13 sticks is the exact number you will need in order to craft yourself a drying rack.

The sticks are quite easy to get, just walk into the forest and keep your eyes on the ground for any lying around. You can also get some from chopping down trees. Just make sure you are wearing a bit of armor to not get killed by cannibals while gathering the sticks.

If you don’t want to risk your own life going into the forest to gather some sticks, you can always send in your good pal Kelvin to get them for you. As long as you haven’t let anything happen to him of course.

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How to Craft the Drying Rack in Sons of the Forest

Once you have managed to get your hands on the sticks you need to craft the drying rack, you just need to pull up your little journal to craft it. This can be done by pressing B by default to bring out your journal.

The drying rack can be found under the storage tab of craftable objects. Just select it and you should get an outlined version of it for you to place. Once you find the right spot for it, press the left mouse to place down the blueprint and then begin crafting it.

How to Use the Drying Rack in Sons of the Forest

Once you have the drying rack all crafted up, you will need a bit of raw meat to actually use on it. Simply hunt down some forest animals or patrol the beaches looking for some unfortunate turtles to get yourself a bit of meat from.

With some meat in your inventory, you will want to go up to any of the unused hooks on the drying rack and interact with them to place some meat on them to cure and dry. It will take a bit of time for the meat to dry, so make sure you are not starving when you start this process.

With the meat drying, you are free to go explore the rest of the island and know that you will have some nice food when you make it back to base. As long as your base is well-defended that is. You can use this time to get some of the sought-after tech armor or perhaps try to get a better gun to defend yourself with.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023