How to Get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Gotta protect yourself to survive.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Survival in Sons of the Forest is no easy task. Not only are you stuck alone in the wilderness, but you also have cannibals constantly trying to kill and eat you. One way you can help improve your odds of living through a fight with these cannibals is by crafting yourself some armor. Let’s go over how to craft armor in Sons of the Forest.

What Kinds of Armor is Available in Sons of the Forest

As you progress through Sons of the Forest, survival will get easier or you as you are able to craft better and better items. While you may think this only pertains to upgrading your base to make life easier, you will also be able to craft better armor to help yourself survive a bit easier.

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Currently, there are four sets of armor in the game. Leaf Armor, Hide Armor, Bone Armor, and Tech Armor. All of these different sets of armor have different crafting recipes and as such provide different levels of protection.

While that may not seem like a lot of armor options, more armor will probably be added with future updates. There is no telling where the end cap of armor will be with how the tech in this game seems to advance.

How to Craft Each Set of Armor

Leaf Armor

this is going to be the most basic kind of armor you can get in the game. It’s not really going to do much for you since it is just made from leaves but it is better than wearing nothing.

Since it doesn’t do much for you defensively, it won’t cost much for you to make. All you need to craft the Leaf Armor is 10 leaves and one piece of cloth.

These are some pretty basic materials that you will most defiantly have laying around after you manage to put down your first base. So crafting yourself a set is going to be too costly for you.

While you won’t be wearing this armor long, it is still worth crafting to wear while you go out for your first few food gathering and exploration runs.

Hide Armor

This will be your next step up in armor alongside Bone armor. It really just depends on which resources you can spare first. Hide does seem to be a bit cheaper so you might be rocking this sooner than Bone armor.

All you need to craft yourself some Hide armor is a single piece of cloth and two pieces of hide. Not too expensive in the grand scheme of things and the protection boost over Leaf armor makes it well worth it.

Bone Armor

This armor is on the same tier as Hide armor as they both offer the same amount of protection. You just need a bit more resources to craft this set of armor, so you won’t be wearing it as early as hide most likely.

To craft the Bone armor, you will need four bones, a rope, and some duct tape. While bones will come to you over time, the rope and duct tape can be a bit harder.

You will first need to secure a simple way to get yourself some rope. The duct tape is not really an item you can craft from nothing but instead a resource that you will find as you explore the game. This makes it a bit rarer of a resource and not something you want to use lightly.

Tech Armor

The last armor you have available to use right now is Tech armor. This armor is going to be either the hardest or the easiest armor to get your hands on depending on how good you are at exploration.

Before you can even consider crafting the Tech armor, you will first need to find yourself a 3D printer location. These can be found in the various facilities in caves and the like.

Once you have found a 3D printer, you will need to print yourself out some of the tech mesh. You will need a piece of tech mesh, a circuit board, duct tape, and wire for each piece of tech armor you want to craft.

This makes it the most expensive armor to craft in the game at the moment and it doesn’t seem worth the payoff. The armor seems to break quite quickly and doesn’t provide much more protection than the Hide or Bone armor sets.

Maybe some more effects will be added for the tech armor down the line but at the moment you will be better off sticking with some of the other armor sets.

Now that you can explore without the fear of dying as easily, you can start to check out the various exclamation points on your map to see what those contain.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023