How to Get Food in Sons of the Forest

Check out how to get food and build a fire in Sons of the Forest.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Endnight Games

In Sons of the Forest, knowing where to find food, as well as identifying which are safe for consumption is just as vital as building a tent and getting your hands on weapons. But how can you get food in the game? With that said, here’s how to get food in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get Food in Sons of the Forest

In true Survival fashion, you will be able to get food in Sons of the Forest by finding consumables in the ground or bushes all over its biomes as well as by hunting wildlife. With that said, although you can eat some of your catches right away, it is highly recommended that you cook them beforehand, which you can do by first building a fireplace and then placing the selected items on it.

For those still in the early portion of the game, you can find food easily by going into the wild or by crafting a makeshift spear and then following the many small rivers running through the island, most of which will be filled with fish.

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How to Build a Campfire in Sons of the Forest

You can build a fire in Sons of the Forest by first opening your Emergency Kit to get the lighter. Once you do that, get two sticks and turn your camera to the floor, before placing them in the area featuring the icon. Now that the sticks are on the ground, just use your lighter to light up the flame.

Once the fire is lit, you will be able to cook your catch, be it an animal or a fish by holding E and then picking them among your inventory. It’s important to point out that the meat will not be cooked instantly, so it may take a while in order for it to be ready for consumption.

To recap, here’s how to easily build a fireplace in Sons of the Forest:

  • Get a lighter by opening your Emergency Kit.
  • Grab two sticks.
  • Place the sticks on the floor in formation.
  • Interact with them in order to light the fire.
  • Interact with the Campfire in order to cook your catch.

Now that you know how to both find food and build a fire in Sons of the Forest, don’t forget to also check out how to trade/transfer items in the game.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023