How to Make Money With Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV

by J.T. Isenhour


Regularly having to empty your wallet of Grand Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV is something everyone has to do. Since it is a currency, it would make sense that you make a bit of profit off your Grand Company Seals. While you could buy any old item from your Grand Company, there are a few items you can buy with Grand Company Seals that you can turn around and throw up on the market to make a bit of Gil. Let’s go over what items you should buy for Company Seals to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

Company Seal Items That Can Be Sold For Gil

Relic Weapon Materials

Everyone wants to make their jobs relic weapon, it features some of the coolest weapon effects that you can get in the game. However, getting the 80,000 Grand Company Seals you need for each weapon’s materials can be quite difficult. This will make people turn to the market board to pick up the materials they are missing. That’s where you come in, Even if you can’t buy all four of a material to sell they will still sell quickly.

No matter which Grand Company you are a part of, you can find these materials. You will be looking to buy Kingcake, Titanium Alloy Mirror, Adamantite Francesca, and Dispelling Arrow. they are about 5,000 seals a piece, but you can put them up on the market for the same price. A full set of four will net you 20,000 Gil and if you manage to put up all four of the materials you will wind up with around 80,000 Gil.



While these cost a decent amount of Company Seals, if you can sell them you’ll make a good bit of Gil. The main issue is that these don’t sell too often. If you are fine with waiting a little while for a return, then this is a great way to go. This will be especially profitable right now with the new housing districts opening up. All those new houses will need some furniture and some of them might want to represent some Grand Company pride.

General Crafting Materials

This one can vary depending on what is currently happening on your server. Crafting materials always sell but depending on the supply available, you may be losing a bit of profit. Before you commit to buying any one crafting material from the Grand Company you will want to go check the price of it on the market board to see if it will even be worth putting up.

If you have a crafting class, it may be useful to grab some of these crafting materials and use them in crafting projects of your own to help level up your crafter and make a bit more profit. Fully crafted items will always sell for more than just the material.

Glamor Prism

Glamor Prisms are always in use and players will always need more, once you hit the middle ranks with your Grand Company you can be a supplier. The problem is that since they are relatively cheap from the Grand Company, you won’t be able to sell them for a large profit. You normally won’t even be able to sell them for the same price you go them for from your Grand Company.

These should only be your option to buy when you don’t have enough seals for anything else and you really want to get rid of them all. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.


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