How to manage resources in Little Goody Two Shoes

Keep your inventory full or face the consequences.

by Alejandro Josan

While limited, managing resources during your adventures in the woodlands will prevent your death, which can happen for a lot of reasons. Here is how to manage resources in Little Goody Two Shoes.

Little Goody Two Shoes: How to manage resources

There are a total of three different resources you will have to manage in Little Goody Two Shoes: Health, Hunger, and Tiffel. The first one refers to the amount of hearts you have left, representing how many hits you can take before you perish. Hunger is represented by bread, which is spent after taking part in different activities or romantic dates that make time pass. Finally, Tiffel is the currency you can collect to purchase items. If you run out of Health or Hunger points, you will die, while if you run out of Tiffel, then you will not be able to purchase items that will fill up your other resources. Here is how to correctly manage each of these resources in Little Goody Two Shoes:

How to manage Health, Hunger, and Tiffel in Little Goody Two Shoes

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  • Health: Managing Health will prevent you from dying during Witching Hours which could happen often due to the limited amount of hearts you get. Be sure to bring food items that will recover Health points such as Ointment or even a couple of pretzels.
  • Hunger: Hunger points are one of the most misunderstood resources in the game. Many players have died during their sleep and still have no idea why. That is because every single passing of time will spend one Hunger point. This applies to activities such as mini-games, romantic dates, and even sleeping in your bed. Visit the Lebkuchen’s Bakery and keep your Hunger points at max, with bread items in your inventory to restore Hunger points on the go.
  • Tiffel: To collect Tiffel, you will have to work and do chores across Kieferberg. These are the different mini-games you can play and based on your performance you will get a specific number of Tiffel. Use Tiffel to purchase food items at Lebkuchen’s Bakery, which you can find outside the west side of Kieferberg. Each of them will help you recover health that you may have lost during Witching hours and Hunger points that will allow you to further take part in activities or romantic dates.

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There is one extra meter which is your Sanity. The only way to prevent Elise from dying from Sanity loss is to use Sanity-healing items. This meter will slowly go down while you take part in Witching Hours, so be sure to keep an eye on it to prevent dying from madness.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2023

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