How to Mute the PS5 Beep Sound

Learn how to turn off the PS5's annoying beep sound.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Sony Corporation

One of the most annoying features of the PlayStation 5 console is its beep sound when you turn it on. This is incredibly annoying if you’re trying to sneak a gaming session late at night, just for the beep to wake your significant other or roommate. With a recent beta update, there has been a fix for this. Read further to learn how to turn off the beep sound for the PS5.

How to Turn Off the PlayStation 5 Beep Sound

Muting the PS5 beep sound is available for a select few and is very easy to accomplish. Follow the steps below to turn the beep sound off once and for all.

  • Go to Settings on the main PlayStation screen.
  • Select System.
  • Select Beep Sound
  • Select Mute Beep Sound

If you don’t have the option to turn off the PS5 beep sound, you’ll have to wait until the official update goes live later this year. This feature is only available to those who Sony invited to test out new features for the upcoming update for the console.

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Feel free to check your email associated with your PlayStation account, as it is possible that you have been invited and must accept the invitation in an email by PlayStation. Once you have accepted the invitation, the feature to turn off your PS5 beep sound should become available.

The beta for the update includes other new features outside of the option to turn the beep off. The new features include the ability to control two controllers and System UI Haptic Feedback, where the former could be great for helping someone get through a challenging level in a game, and the latter will make navigating the home page of your PS5 feel more authentic.

If you want to see what else Sony is planning for the beta and the future system update, head over to the official PlayStation Blog, where full details are shared with the community!

- This article was updated on July 31st, 2023

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