How to Play Heatwave Mode in Apex Legends

The heat is here.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Along with the new swimsuit skins available in the Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event, we are also getting a new Limited-Time Mode called Heatwave. LTMs like this, the kind that are a bit more rare than Team Deathmatch, are event-specific and bring lots of fun to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Heatwave Limited-Time Mode, Explained

Heatwave is a new LTM in Apex Legends that goes live on March 28 with the rest of the Sun Squad Collection Event. We’ve had lots of LTMs come and go in Apex Legends, but Heatwave is a brand new one.

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How it works is it is a standard Battle Royale Trios game, but there are heatwaves (hence the name). The heatwaves happen periodically and, if you are outside in the sun during a heatwave, you’ll start taking damage.

The only way to avoid the heatwaves is by staying inside or deploying a heatshield. Heatshields have increased and will get destroyed much quicker if placed outside the ring.

If you are caught outside during a heatwave, you can slide to cool down and mitigate the damage of the heatwave. You can also get sunglasses from the Care Packages to decrease the damage you take in the sun.

And that’s basically it! Heatwave is just like a normal Trios BR match, but there are heatwave warnings that occur periodically and will scorch those who aren’t inside. Sliding and wearing sunglasses helps you take less damage and the heatshields can be a big help as long as you don’t use them out of the ring for too long.

Now that you know what the new Heatwave LTM is all about in Apex Legends, you’ll likely want to brush up on your mastery of Nemesis. There is a lot to enjoy during the Sun Squad Collection Event, so make sure to soak in the sun while it lasts.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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