All Sun Squad Collection Event Skins in Apex Legends

Wait, did we just get the Loba swimsuit skin?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn finally did it; they created the Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event which includes swimsuit skins for many of the legends. And, one of those legends is Loba. Here are all the skins available in the Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event.

All Swimsuit Skins in Apex Legends

To get these Apex Legends Sun Squad skins, all you need to do is purchase the Sun Squad-specific loot boxes, which cost 100 Apex Coins, and hope for the best. There are 24 limited-time skins on offer, so get these skins while they are hot!

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There might come a time when one or two of these skins is available in the item shop, but since we aren’t guaranteed these skins will ever come back, this might be your only chance to get your favorite legend’s swimsuit skin.

We know that the Legendary skins on offer during the Sun Squad Collection Event are for Mirage, Loba, Ash, Newcastle, and Catalyst. We also know that Bangalore, Mad Maggie, Caustic, and Fuse are getting Epic skins.

There will, of course, also be Legendary and Epic weapon skins. The weapons we know are getting skins are the Wingman, the Havoc, the Flatline, the Peacekeeper, the Rampage, and the Charge Rifle.

Here are images of all the skins available during the Sun Squad Collection Event in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mirage Sun Squad Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

The Mirage swimsuit skin is pretty amazing, featuring swim shorts, a wet suit shirt, and slicked-back hair.

Apex Legends Ash Sun Squad Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

The Ash Sun Squad Collection Event skin is just okay in our opinion, but it is a clean skin that gears Ash up for all-terrain combat. This skin pairs nicely with her new Heirloom.

Apex Legends Loba Swimsuit Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

The Loba swimsuit skin is finally here! It may or may not be exactly what you wanted, but it’s here so we can’t complain.

Apex Legends Newcastle Sun Squad Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

The Newcastle Sun Squad skin is pretty sweet. It features Newcastle in a Life Guard outfit.

Apex Legends Seer Sun Squad Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

The Seer swimsuit skin is really clean. It might be out favorite Seer skin to date. We love his jacket, shirtless look, and sun hat.

Apex Legends Fuse Sun Squad Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

Fuse is ready for the sun with his swim trunks and Hawaiian shirt.

Apex Legends Sun Squad Catalyst Skin

Image: Respawn Entertainment

Catalyst looks excellent in her swimsuit one piece and her blonde hair.

We also know that Bangalore, Mad Maggie, and Caustic are getting Epic swimsuit skins. These can be seen in the Apex Legends Sun Squad launch trailer.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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