Apex Legends Nemesis Weapon Guide: How Does It Compete With Other Weapons?

How does the Nemesis compare to the competition?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a new energy assault rifle called Nemesis and it is a beast. Respawn Entertainment said that they were releasing it broken so that it would enter the meta. Now that Apex Legends Season 16 has been live for a few weeks, how does the Nemesis compete compared to other weapons?

How Good is the Nemesis in Apex Legends?

The Nemesis is a really great weapon in Apex Legends. While it isn’t the best in close combat, it definitely isn’t the worst. It excels in long- and mid-range fights.

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What makes the Nemesis great is that it is a four-shot burst auto rifle that speeds up the more it shoots. The shots are accurate, the bullet drop and range are controllable, and the recoil is predictable.

The Nemesis can be compared to the R-301 for light ammo and the Flatline for heavy ammo. Energy ammo now has a solid AR with the Nemesis. While there are a lot of great weapons in Apex Legends, and each weapon is good in different ways, the Nemesis offers the best of everything.

Many people are using the Nemesis and dominating. Players are calling for Respawn to nerf the Nemesis because of how successful it is right now.

However, we believe it to be a pretty fair gun all things considered. There are far better long-range and short-range weapons, and players can even be more successful in mid-range fights with other weapons. All in all, the Nemesis is powerful and great, but it should be a bit better than other options since that’s what the Flatline and R-301 are.

How to Use the Nemesis in Apex Legends

The Nemesis is fairly easy to pick up and use. If you want to get really good at using it, you need to learn how to hit all four shots on your opponent. It’ll take time to learn the recoil, but it is doable.

You’ll also want a short-range weapon if you want to roll with the Nemesis. Pairing the R99, Prowler, or C.A.R. will complement the Nemesis and help you survive those close encounters.

How to Find the Nemesis in Apex Legends

Like all loot in Apex Legends, the Nemesis is found at random. There is no guaranteed place or way to score a Nemesis in Apex Legends, but it is currently found as ground loot.

As you search around on the ground and in bins, you’ll stumble upon a Nemesis sooner or later. It seems that the rate at which the Nemesis is found is a bit higher this season to promote the new weapon, so take that how you wish.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023