How to Play Multiplayer in the Demonologist Demo

Is this the ghost hunting game for you?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Clock Wizard Games

Are you wondering how to play multiplayer in the Demonologist Demo so you and your friends can decide if you want to purchase the full version? The demo gives you 45-minute access to play the game in singleplayer and multiplayer modes allowing you to dive into a match and ghost hunt. Let’s see how this game compares to similar paranormal investigation titles.

How to Play with Friends in the Demonologist Demo

Image: Clock Wizard Games

Here is how to play multiplayer in the Demonologist Demo:

  1. Download the Demo from the Demonologist Steam store page.
    • It is roughly 10 GB in size
  2. Launch the Demonologist Demo
  3. Once inside the game, head over to the Main Menu screen on the wall
  4. Interact with it by pressing the E button
  5. Select the Multiplayer tab.

You have three options when it comes to playing with your friends:

  • Create a Lobby
  • Join Private Game
  • Join Public Game

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Create a Lobby in Demonologist

After creating a lobby, you will be sent back to the safe house. You will want to follow these steps to continue with creating a multiplayer lobby for your friends:

  1. Next, you need to pick a map to play on. The only available map will be the Abandoned House. Interact with the Map screen by pressing the E button. Select the Abandoned House map, and a push pin will appear.
  2. You can now select the Back option to return to the safe house.
  3. Interact with the Main Menu screen again.
  4. You can copy the Lobby password in the lower right-hand corner and send it to your friends.

Join a Private Game in Demonologist

If your friends have already created a lobby in the Demonologist demo, you can click the Join Private Game button on the bottom right of the Multiplayer screen. Once you have obtained their password, enter it into the Enter Password box using your mouse or typing on your keyboard.

Join a Public Game in Demonologist

In the Multiplayer screen, you will see a list of all public multiplayer games available. Select one with your mouse and then click the Join button.

How to Reset Your Playtime in the Demonologist Demo

If the short Demonologist Demo time wasn’t enough for you or your friends to decide if you want to buy the game, you can reset the demo time to play again. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to: “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Shivers\Saved”
  2. Delete the Saved folder

Note: If you delete this folder, all your progress will be reset, including the full version.

- This article was updated on April 4th, 2023

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