Demonologist vs Phasmophobia: All Major Differences Explained

What's the best ghost-hunting experience?

by Noah Nelson
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Demonologist and Phasmophobia are the two hottest ghost-hunting horror games on the market right now. While Phasmophobia was first and Demonologist is newer, how do these games compare and what are their differences?

All Demonologist and Phasmophobia Differences, Explained

How Are Demonologist and Phasmophobia the Same?

Demonologist and Phasmophobia are the exact same game in numerous ways. They are the same in platform, genre, multiplayer, voice recognition, and weekly tasks. They even have similar equipment options and ghost types.

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How Are Demonologist and Phasmophobia Different?

Demonologist differs from Phasmophobia in a lot of ways. While these games are very similar, their differences are what make them unique.

In Demonologist, you can exorcise or banish the ghost, there are a lot more characters and base customizations, and many people claim Demonologist to be the scarier game because it is filled with random events and encounters with less predictable map layouts. Demonologist also has Unreal Engine 5 graphics, so everything is a lot prettier.

In Phasmophobia, you get a slightly cheaper game that requires a bit more space and you get VR support which is arguably much scarier than Demonologist.

Those are all the differences between the games. Demonologist has more since it is a newer game, but does it beat the OG?

Is Demonologist Better Than Phasmophobia?

Since these two games are so similar, it is natural to want to compare them. However, both games are great in their own respects.

Phasmophobia laid the foundation for a new genre of horror game that hadn’t been seen before. After its success, many developers tried to copy it, which is exactly what Demonologist did.

Because Phasmophobia has its campy graphics, level design, and character models, it is lovable in a way that Demonologist can’t replace. However, Demonologist looks a lot better and plays a lot better. There are more surprises, customization, and variety which ultimately makes Demonologist the better game, but they are both different.

- This article was updated on April 4th, 2023

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