How to Play Thalita Lyra in Dead by Daylight: Perks, Counters, and More

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Behaviour Interaction

Thalita Lyra is Dead by Daylight’s newest Survivor, released in Chapter 27, titled Tools of Torment, on March 7. Her perks allow her to stealth fast vault multiple times, help fellow survivors repair faster, and provide a speed boost to another Survivor who just finished healing you. Chapter 27 will also release a second survivor, his younger brother Renato Lyra, and a new Killer called The Skull Merchant. Here is everything you need to know about the Thalita Lyra’s, perks, counters, and more.

How to Play Thalita Lyra in Dead by Daylight

Here is Thalita Lyra’s character profile:

  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Iridescent Shard: 9,000
  • Auric Cells: 500

Thalita Lyra Perks

Here are Thalita Lyra’s three unique perks:

Friendly Competition

You revel in the community spirit of competition and inspire others to follow suit. Whenever you complete a Generator with at least one other Survivor, Friendly Competition activates:

  • Increases your Repair speed and that of the other Survivor(s) who completed the repairs with you by +5 % for the next 45/60/75 seconds.

Teamwork: Power of Two

It is hard to keep up with you, but it does not stop people from trying. Whenever you finish healing another Survivor, Teamwork: Power of Two activates, and both you and the healed Survivor benefit from the following effect:

  • Grants a 5% Haste Status Effect for as long as you stay within 12 meters of one another or one of you loses a Health State.

Teamwork: Power of Two has a cool-down of 180/160/140 seconds. Survivors can only be affected by one instance of Teamwork: Power of Two at a time.

Cut Loose

You get in enough trouble. You know how to get out of it. After performing a rushed vault in a Chase, Cut Loose activates for the next 4/5/6 seconds:

  • Suppresses both the Loud Noise Notification and the sound effects triggered by rushing to vault.
  • Successfully performing a rushed vault while Cut Loose is active will cause the timer to reset.

Cut Loose has a cool-down of 45 seconds.

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Thalita Lyra Counters

Here is how to counter Thalita Lyra and her three unique perks.

Friendly Competition

You can counter Friendly Competition by using perks that hurt when more than one survivor is repairing the generator. For example, the Discordance perk marks any generator within a range of 64/96/128 meters if two or more Survivors are repairing it. You can also counter this perk by decreasing the Repair Speed of all survivors. This can be achieved through perks like Hex: Pentimento.

Teamwork: Power of Two

Like Renato’s perk, you can punish the Survivor being healed and the Survivor doing the healing by using perks that either reveal them, slowing their healing speed, or making healing harder by increasing skill checks. Remember, this perk activates after the healing process has been fully completed.

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You can counter Team Work: Power of Two by using perks that affect the ability of survivors to heal each other or reveal their location to you when healing. For example, Nurses Calling will show you the Auras of Renato and the survivor doing the healing within a range of 20/24/28 meters. They may not show you their scratch marks, but you won’t need them anyways. The Coulrophobia perk also reduces the Healing speed of survivors by 30/40/50% when they are within your Terror Radius.

Cut Loose

You can counter Cut Loose by using perks like Bamboozle, which will block Windows for 8/12/16 seconds after vaulting a window. This perk also increases your vaulting speed by 5/10/15% if the Survivor transfers to a pallet. You can also increase your Vaulting speed when a Survivor performs a rushed Vaulted with perks like Superior Anatomy. Finally, you can punish the Survivor for abusing Vaulting by destroying the pallet by using the Dissolution perk, which breaks a pallet if they vault over it while within your Terror Radius.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023