How to Repair Your Car in Need For Speed Unbound

You don't want to wreck during a cop chase!

by Elliott Gatica

Need for Speed games can be quite difficult, especially when you factor in traffic, high-speed racing, and cop chases. You’re not invincible either, so you do have to drive somewhat carefully without wrecking so often. One too many wrecks and you’re done for your session, losing out on a sizeable chunk of cash and progress. Because of that, you’re going to need to know how to repair your car in Need for Speed Unbound. 

How to Repair Your Car in Need for Speed Unbound

There are four ways in which you can repair your vehicle’s hull so you can get back out there and race. It’ll also fix your car cosmetically so you can at least cruise around Lakeshore City in style.

Drive Through a Gas Station

If you want to cover as much ground as possible and take on every event available to you in a session, you’re going to have to become familiarized with where places are on the map. Gas Stations are your best friend, especially during high-heat pursuits where the cops will hit you with heavy vehicles, throw ground spikes, and try to PIT maneuver you into a wall. 

When you drive past a Gas Station, your vehicle’s hull integrity replenishes to full. You will have to use them sparingly. You can only visit one every 4 minutes during a pursuit, so you want to ideally use them when your car’s health is in the red. Using it early is risky.

Swap Vehicles Between Events


As you start unlocking A-tier events and higher, you’re going to diversify your garage. Sometimes, you want to take on that B-tier event that pays $7,000. If your beat-up A+ car is in need of repairs, but you want to avoid cops, take on the B-tier event, swap to a B-tier car, and finish the event. 

When you exit the event, you will swap out the car you just used for the event at full or close to full health depending on how clean your race was. You will still retain the Heat level you accrued for the day, so keep that in mind when using lower-performance vehicles.

Buy a Repair Kit

This is more in the mid to late-game side of Unbound. Once you are making more bank per race and comfortably making hundreds of thousands per session, you should look into the Auxiliary upgrades for your vehicles. Such upgrades include Repair Kits.

They are limited-time use items that repair a fraction of your car’s health. It’s good to use when gas stations are not reachable and the cops are harshly trailing you. 

Enter a Safe House

If all else fails for whatever reason, or if you’re just sitting on too much bank to lose, entering a Safe House is your safest option. Doing so will conclude the night, resetting events and your Heat level. At least when you come back to one of these, you can use the money you earned in the last session to further upgrade or even purchase a new whip!

Need for Speed Unbound is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2022