How to Reset Dungeons in Diablo 4

Time to get busy playing through dungeons again and resetting them!

by Gordon Bicker
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Diablo 4 has numerous dungeons that players will aim to complete with brutal efficiency, and knowing how to reset any of the dungeons you enter will be most beneficial. We understand how important it is for leveling reasons to quickly be able to access dungeons again, so now you don’t have to worry any longer. This article will take you through how to reset dungeons in Diablo 4.

Refreshing and Resetting Dungeons for Extra Experience in Diablo 4

In order to reset dungeons in Diablo 4 you will first have to complete the dungeon. After you wait a short while of time (around a minute), you can start playing through the dungeon again and gain your regular experience throughout. You will also be able to defeat the final boss once you have made your way through the dungeon — we recommend stocking up with as many potions as you can beforehand!

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On the other hand, you could join another party of players and then be able to reset the dungeon when you all enter one. It should be noted that there was originally a “Reset Dungeons” button in the earlier versions of the game but this no longer exists. It is for this reason that there may be some extra confusion about the exact process to reset a dungeon but it is all based on a timer now.

Best Dungeons for Experience in the Early Game of Diablo 4

In the early game of Diablo 4, Mercy Reach Dungeon and The Forbidden City are the best locations to farm a lot of experience quickly. These can also assist you in getting to unlock more skills in a much shorter span of time: perfect for all of your demon-slaying needs. These dungeons have a lot of powerful enemies so it is recommended that you bring some of your best gear along with you.

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The Rogue class will be a perfect fit for both of those dungeons and you can navigate through them without too many problems. Now that you know how to reset dungeons in Diablo 4, you can easily keep restarting them to get even more rewards.

- This article was updated on May 14th, 2023

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