How to Reset Your World in Goat Simulator 3

Here's how to get rid of the evidence of your destructive baahavior!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to reset your world in Goat Simulator 3? Every object in Goat Simulator 3 can be interacted with and affected by things like explosions or the sucky tornado. There are also wardrobe items like the bean stock that create objects in the world. The AI will also wreak its havoc across the world as the island’s inhabitants have a mind of their own which results in some pretty entertaining events (I’m looking at you, jackhammer worker on top of the Hoofer Damn). However, I found there were occasions when the world was too messed up, and I couldn’t traverse it, find collectibles, or complete quests. Here is everything you need to know about resetting your world so most things go back to normal like they never happened.

How to Reset Your World in Goat Simulator 3

Did you “accidentally” drive a car into the gas pumps of the Fairmeadows Ranch Fossil Fuel, and now everything is a burnt mess? Or did you and your friends wreak havoc across San Angora? First, you must exit the game and reload your current save to reset your world. That’s it! After doing so, you will have a new world, minus a few things we will discuss below.


What Can be Reset?

You can reset most of the world’s locations impacted by explosions, the tornado, or just general AI shenanigans. In addition, wardrobe items like the bean stock will be reset as well, so if you spawned a bunch of them to reach a collectible, but are tired of looking at them, then you are in luck. Finally, items like explosive barrels, plywood boards, and quest items will reset back to their original locations.

What Can’t be Reset?

You cannot reset zone surprise events, easter egg events, and some zone quests. Zone surprise events are like exploding the Pointy Foods Factory. An example of an easter egg event that cannot be reset is detonating the nuke in Suburbsville. You also cannot reset the easter egg quests that create portals. Some zone quests, like relocating the house for the Eviction Notice quest, will not reset either.

Goat Simulator 3 is available on PC through Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.