How to Solve the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

Communications array re-aligned... Ready to transmit.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to solve the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space Remake? The Dead Space Remake brings back some difficult puzzles but with slight modifications from the original Dead Space game released in 2008. One of these puzzles that were changed is the Comms Array puzzle in Chapter 8. To solve this puzzle, you must connect power sources into a single circuit that runs into the Comms Array room. This may sound simple, but placing the fuses with your Kinesis Module into the correct locations is challenging. But fear not, as we have the ultimate guide to solving this puzzle. Here is everything you need to know about solving the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space Remake.

How to Solve the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space Remake


Your primary objective for the Comms Array Puzzle is completing a single circuit by placing fuses in a specific order. Whenever you place a fuse, you will see it light up blue when it is activated. The direction of the blue light is where the power will flow. You will notice you can track your progress by looking at the Communication Control Panel if you wonder how you are doing with making a single circuit.

The picture above shows you the solution to the Comms Array puzzle. All you need to do is place the fuses you see above in this specific order based on the direction in which the Blue Light is showing. You will want to use the Communication Control screen with the primary power source as your frame of reference. Based on this, you will want to place your fuses in this order:

  1. Left Side
    • Bottom Left, Middle Left, and Top Left
  2. Right Side
    • Bottom Right, Middle Right, Top Right

After correctly placing the fuses to form a single circuit that leads to the Comms Array room, you will only have one fuse left. Therefore, your pattern on the Communication Control screen should match what is in the above picture.

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023