Destiny 2 Headlong Harpy Puzzle: How to Solve and Complete the Mission

Move out of the way, Harpies!

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re playing through the Headlong mission in the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign, you’ll run into multiple copies of the same Vex puzzle. Once you learn how to solve one, you’ll know how to solve the rest. Here’s how to solve the Headlong Vex puzzle in Destiny 2.

Headlong Puzzle Solution in Destiny 2, Explained

While Strand is the highlight of the campaign, you won’t need to use the best Strand build to get past the Headlong Vex puzzle. Instead, all you need to do is look at the diamond pattern above the door and eliminate the corresponding Vex Harpies.

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When you come across a Vex puzzle in the Headlong mission, you’ll notice that the blocked door has diamonds above it. Some are lit and some are dark. Then, Vex Harpies will appear before you. If you get the pattern wrong, it will tell you there is an input error and spawn in the Harpies again.

To get the Vex puzzle input correct, you need to match the diamonds with the Harpies. For example, if the diamond pattern is one lit diamond, one dark diamond, and one lit diamond, you need to eliminate one glowing Harpy, one non-glowing Harpy, and one glowing Harpy.

While it seems simple enough, sometimes eliminating a glowing Harpy or non-glowing Harpy won’t remove the diamond from the door. After eliminating the correct Harpy type, look at the door. If you’ve done it correctly, the diamond will disappear which tells you to move on to the next Harpy.

If you have eliminated a glowing or non-glowing Harpy and the diamond still remains, you need to eliminate more of that type of Harpy.

For example, if the next diamond is dark and you eliminate a non-glowing Harpy and the dark diamond doesn’t disappear, eliminate one more non-glowing Harpy and check the diamond status. Continue this process until you clear all the diamonds.

That is how you complete the Vex puzzle in the Headlong mission. Luckily, this puzzle doesn’t show up in any other mission. Now, you can focus on getting your Dimensional Hypotrochoid God Roll.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023