How to Taunt in Street Fighter 6

Are you trying to work out how to taunt in Street Fighter 6?

by Gordon Bicker
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Street Fighter 6 players will always find an opportunity to let their opponent know how they are feeling about a battle: many choose to taunt for this purpose. Of course, it can take a small bit of time to work out how to taunt so we’ll cut that time down for you. This article will take you through how to taunt in Street Fighter 6.

Taunting in Street Fighter 6 | How to Taunt

In order to taunt in Street Fighter 6 you will have to press all punch and kick buttons at the same time and push the left stick quickly toward any direction once while doing so. This can be a difficult process if you haven’t been well acquainted with the control scheme yet. For controllers, you will want to press the following buttons listed below at the same time.

  • PlayStation: Square, Triangle, R1, Circle, R2, and X
  • Xbox: RB, RT, Y, X, A, and B

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When you press all buttons at the same time, push the stick quickly once in any direction as mentioned above. This can be done with the left stick or the D-pad and you can also use different taunts by using different directions. We would recommend testing out a few directions to find out what taunts you like the most to use against your opponents.

Is There an Easier Way to Taunt in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, there absolutely is. From the settings menu, you can change what the “Taunt” button (listed in the controls) is assigned to. This is known as remapping and you will find it commonplace across many games as an accessibility feature. Select the “Taunt” and assign it to one of the sticks like R3 or L3. Since there is nothing assigned to either of those buttons those are the easiest assignment for taunting.

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It should be noted that you can also assign all of the punch and kick buttons to different mappings too if wanted. This would mean that you can have all of the buttons closer together for taunting when having to press them at the same time. However, we’d recommend just switching the taunt’s main assignment. If you have changed the control scheme, you can find out where all punch and kick buttons are in the control setting menu.

Now it’s time to taunt to your opponents in Street Fighter 6 with style!

- This article was updated on June 2nd, 2023

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