How to Turn On Login Verification in Apex Legends

Find out how to enable login authentication!

by Kara Phillips


Season 15 of Apex Legends has several new additions in store, one of which is gifting. Because of this, players are desperate to ensure their accounts are as secure as possible to prevent any of their in-game goods from going missing. Login verification is necessary for every player if they want to participate in the new gifting scheme since it cannot be done without, or is equally great for anyone looking for an extra step of security. But enabling it might be tricky since you can’t do it directly through the game. So read on to find out how you can enable login verification to protect your account today.

How to Turn On Login Verification for Apex Legends

To enable Login Verification for your Apex Legends account, you’ll need to start by heading to your EA account on the EA Website. From here, head to your account settings and select the Security option. Login Verification can be located toward the top of the screen once you’ve entered the Security page, and you’ll be able to select your preferred verification method. So whether you’d prefer to receive a text or email or authenticate the log in via an app, you’ll be able to personalize your security. Once you’ve selected, you’ll have to confirm your choice via that method, and your account will be secured.

Once you’ve secured your settings, you will be prompted to authenticate the login each time you sign in, so make sure it’s the most convenient process for you. These options can be changed at any time by following the same method if you realize that getting a text or email isn’t preferable. With the addition of gifting in season 15, players can share cosmetics and skins, so it’s best to make sure your account is secure and protected in case anyone gets ahold of your details.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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