How to Unlock and Use the Wingsuit in Saints Row

Fly like an eagle.

by J.T. Isenhour


There are many ways to get around in Saints Row. While most players will cross the map in their pimped-out ride, some players may want to fly through the sky of Saints Row in a wingsuit. This doesn’t mean that every player should start jumping from the tallest building they can find as soon as they start up the game since you need to unlock the wingsuit before you can use it in the open world.  Let’s go over how you can unlock the wingsuit in Saints Row.

How to Unlock the Wingsuit in Saints Row

To get access to your wingsuit, you will need to complete a specific type of side job. The side job you will be looking for is called Wingsuit Takedown. Luckily this side job is available as soon as you gain access to the open world, unlike Criminal Ventures. So you just need to go to one of the many locations it begins across the map. At each location, you should find a person you can approach and interact with to begin the side job.


The beginning Wingsuit Takedown side jobs are quite easy. You will start out in a chopper and jump out of it into your wingsuit. You will then have to fly yourself to the top of a building and complete objectives on top of each rooftop. These objectives can range from blowing up signal transmitters to killing a bunch of goons. After you finish all of your objectives on one rooftop, you will need to use a weather monitoring station to launch yourself back into the air and fly to the next rooftop.

After you manage to complete the side job, you will be able to use the wingsuit in the open world. You can activate the wingsuit in a few different ways, by simply jumping off a tall roof that can be accessed with elevators, jumping out of a helicopter, using the weather monitoring stations, or by riding on the roof of a car. The car roof launch will be the simplest method and if used properly can allow you to fly to anywhere there is traffic.

By standing on the roof of any car driven by an NPC, you will be prompted to ride on the roof of the car. From there you can shoot freely as your NPC drives along their random route. Once the car picks up enough speed, you will be given the option to launch yourself off of the roof of the car into your wingsuit. Doing this will give you a preset amount of speed no matter how fast the car was going at the time. While flying in the wingsuit, you can land on other cars via a prompt when close enough to the car and repeat the cycle again and again.

While this method will only work in areas with a lot of traffic, it is an easy way to get around without using a car. If you need any more help with Saints Row make sure to check out our other guides.

Saints Row is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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