How to Unlock Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey

Bounceman or Snakeman, which is your favorite?

by Franklin Bellone Borges

In One Piece Odyssey, players can unlock some of the most powerful attacks of the available Straw Hat Pirates as they explore the mysteries of the island of Watford, revisit a few of the series’ most epic arcs, and fight to reclaim their lost strength. But how can you unlock Luffy’s Gear 4 in the game? Now, in order to answer that and more, here’s how to unlock Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Unlock Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey

Unfortunately for all who hoped to be able to make use of Gear 4 in both its forms from the get-go in One Piece Odyssey, you will only be able to unlock the transformation and its set of abilities once you reach the game’s eighth Chapter, where the Straw Hats will revisit Dressrosa and Luffy will use Bounceman and King Kong Gun against Donflamingo. Once Donflaming is defeated, you will unlock the first Gear 4 ability.

The remaining Gear 4 form, Snakeman, will be unlocked later on, while all Gear 4 abilities will be able to be unlocked as you collect cubes, and advance through the game’s storylines. Differently from Gear 2, you will not be able to enter Gear 4 without using an ability.

To recap, here’s how to unlock Luffy’s Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey:

  • Play the main storyline until you reach the Dressrosa arc.
  • Defeat Donflamingo to unlock the first Gear 4 ability, King Kong Gun.

Is Gear 5 on One Piece Odyssey?

As usual for games, as well as movies set in the world of One Piece, although not canon to the manga, they take place between arcs. That said, in Odyssey’s case, the game takes place after Whole Cake, which means that Luffy’s Gear 5 is not featured in the game.

You can currently play One Piece Odyssey on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 15th, 2023