How to Unlock Mewtwo in Pokemon Stadium

To unlock Mewtwo, you'll need to be the very best.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

Whether you’re diving into Pokémon Stadium for the first time thanks to its inclusion in Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack or revisiting a piece of your childhood — you may have noticed that the Pokémon you can rent only goes up to number 149, with the beloved Mewtwo completely absent from the roster.

This guide covers everything you need to know about Mewtwo in Pokémon Stadium, including how to unlock the secret Mewtwo fight, obtain the Mythical Pokémon Mew, and challenge yourself in ‘R-2‘ mode.

Can You Play as Mewtwo in Pokémon Stadium?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

The only way to use Mewtwo in Pokémon Stadium is to connect Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow via the Transfer Pak and use one you caught in-game.

As the Nintendo Switch Online version of Pokémon Stadium has no Game Boy connectivity, Mewtwo cannot be used in this version of the game.

You can, however, unlock a secret bonus mode in which you can fight Mewtwo in a six-VS-one battle. Beating Mewtwo will unlock the Mythical Pokémon Mew and the tough-as-nails Round-2 mode, which increases the difficulty of Stadium tournaments and Gym Leader Castle.

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How to Unlock The Mewtwo Fight in Pokemon Stadium


Whether you want to relive some childhood nostalgia or take your frustration out on it for not being rentable, you’ll need to meet some prerequisites before you can battle Mewtwo in Pokémon Stadium.

To unlock the Mewtwo fight in Pokémon Stadium, you must beat Gym Leader Castle and win every Cup in all Stadium tournaments. Once these requirements have been completed, the map will turn dark, and you’ll be able to challenge Mewtwo in the newly unlocked Mewtwo VS mode.

Successfully beating Mewtwo will unlock the ability to toggle R-2 mode and rent Mew in all modes other than Petit and Poké Cup. Continue reading to find out the easiest way to beat Mewtwo, or check out our article on the best Rental Pokémon to form your own team.

Best Team to Beat Mewtwo VS in Pokémon Stadium


The best team to fight Mewtwo in Pokémon Stadium is:

  • Electrode
  • Persian
  • Rhydon
  • Onix
  • Exeggcute
  • Any sixth Pokémon

How to Beat Mewtwo

Send out Electrode and use Thunderwave to paralyze Mewtwo. Use Thunder the following turn and repeat until Electrode faints.

Next, send out Persian and use Screech to lower Mewtwo’s defense. If both Screeches were successful and Mewtwo is still paralyzed, you can use Hyper Beam to faint it.

If this fails, send out Rhydon to replace Persian and use Earthquake until Mewtwo faints. If you’re unlucky with your initial Screech attempts, you may need to use Onix and Exeggcute‘s Self-Destruct to finish it off.

- This article was updated on April 14th, 2023

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