How to Unlock Schematics in Ripout

Crafting is crucial to survive the many dangers that lurk in the dark

by Davi Braid
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The way you unlock schematics in Ripout may not seem very clear when you first start playing the game. This can be a problem since schematics are essential for upgrading your weapons and unlocking new gear.

Ripout is a great game, but its systems aren’t very intuitive. While the crafting table is always available in the ship, effectively utilizing it may take some time. The game doesn’t allow you to just go ahead and craft items, even when you have the necessary materials. You need schematics.

Where to Find Schematics in Ripout

Image: Attack of the Fanboy
  • You can gamble for random schematics using the One-Arm Bandit Machine
  •  Missions and Rewards might grant you schematics as a reward
  •  Some Enemies may drop schematics when defeated
  •  Vault rooms in derelict ships can contain schematics

The One-Arm Bandit Machine is the most videogamey, roguelike element of Ripout. It’s a machine you will find upstairs on your ship. As long as you have the material requested to spin it, you have a chance to get a schematic. However, there’s a chance that the machine may dispense a schematic you already possess, which can be frustrating.

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When you select a Mission or a Quest at the holographic table on your ship, you will see that each ship shows its size, its type, and the rewards you will get upon completing all objectives. You’ll frequently find schematics for garments, weapon modifications, and more among these rewards.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There’s also a very small chance that you will suddenly find a schematic after defeating an enemy. Enemies have a good chance to drop crafting materials as well. Clearing the room might be better than fleeing if you’re well-stocked with ammo and time isn’t an issue. You might find crafting materials and schematics doing your last sweep before returning to your shuttle.

Finally, when exploring derelict ships, you might come across Vault rooms. They are optional, and you might need a little luck to find one of these, but if you do, shoot your way into the vault to find schematics and crafting materials.

- This article was updated on October 26th, 2023

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