How to Unlock the Activity Log in Like a Dragon Gaiden

When can players track their progress in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

by Marc Magrini
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The activity log is an easy way for players to aim for a 100% goal in Like a Dragon Gaiden, but it isn’t available right at the start.

Previous games in the franchise have allowed players to track their progress through an activity log. This let them have more unique goals outside of completing the story, such as eating all the food in certain restaurants or getting top scores on minigames. The activity log returns in Like a Dragon Gaiden, but players won’t be able to check it out right away.

When Will Players Unlock the Activity Log in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

The activity log is made available near the start of chapter 2. Players will gain access to it at around the same time as substories, making it a relatively early unlock — if still a bit later than other games in the series. Because of this, some players might feel compelled to avoid doing anything until the log becomes available. Luckily, activity log progress is tracked recursively, meaning it’ll keep a record of everything you do even before you’ve unlocked the log in full.

The activity log covers just about everything a player can do in the game outside of substories and main story content. This ranges from playing certain minigames and collecting different outfits to using abilities and certain Agent Gadgets in battle as often as possible. Completing these tasks will net you a number of Akame Points, letting you purchase more items from Akame alongside making ability upgrades easier.

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Even the most die-hard fans can find the activity log to be somewhat daunting. There aren’t any achievements tied to it, though you’ll likely complete more than a few of its tasks if you’re completing everything else anyway. It might not be a bad idea to keep an eye on the log regardless. If you can finish off a few goals while you’re continuing your journey, the extra point rewards can help out more than you might think.

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