How to Unlock the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3

Learn how to unlock the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3.

by Christian Bognar
How to Unlock Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3
Image: Activision / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

The Breacher Drone is a lethal equipment in Modern Warfare 3, an explosive drone that explodes when it comes close to an enemy. You’ll definitely want to add this deadly tool to your loadout, so here is how you can unlock the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3.

Unlocking the Breacher Drone in MW3

The Breacher Drone is one of the best Lethal Equipment in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, allowing players to take out opponents without them even noticing. The first step to unlocking the Breacher Drone is reaching level 25 and unlocking the Armory Unlock Challenges.

Once a player unlocks the Armory Unlock Challenges, they can set the Breacher Drone as an “Active Challenge” and complete three daily challenges to unlock the Breacher Drone for in-game use officially.

What Are Armory Unlock Challenges in Modern Warfare 3?

Armory Unlock is a series of challenges that unlock at level 25, offering rewards such as killstreaks, equipment, perks, and more after completing a set amount of daily challenges.

The way it works is this: say a player wants to unlock the Signal Jammer perk, which requires completing three daily challenges. The player would set the Signal Jammer Armory Unlock Challenge as “active” and then work to complete three daily challenges. Once the player completes three daily challenges, they will unlock the Signal Jammer for their loadout.

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The daily challenges only count towards an Armory Unlock Challenge that the player has set to active — otherwise, points will not be tallied toward the specific item or equipment. It’s actually a fantastic system that allows the player to customize/pick and choose which perks, equipment, etc, they unlock first!

How to Use the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3

The Breacher Drone can easily be used by pressing the Lethal Equipment assigned button, which will set it off to fly forward in the direction the player is facing. The Breacher Drone will then track down the nearest enemy and explode on contact. It’s arguably the best Lethal Equipment in the game as it essentially acts as a free kill, where the player only needs to press one button and let the Breacher Drone do all the work.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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