How To Upgrade Weapons in Witchfire

by Alejandro Josan
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While your hand cannon does pack a punch, there are other weapons in the game you can experiment with. Moreover, if you are already settled on what weapon will be your main, then maybe it is time to invest some time in it and upgrade it. Thankfully, Witchfire will reward your persistence and your killing abilities, granting you a roadmap on how to upgrade your weapons. Continue reading to learn how to do it.

Witchfire: How To Upgrade Weapons

Screenshot: The Astronauts

While any game will grant you weapon upgrades by a simple transaction of items or even favors, Witchfire makes things a bit more interesting. To upgrade your weapons in Witchfire, you will have to visit the Gunroom in the Shrouded Hermitorium. This is your hub world, the place where you’ll be able to craft weapons, increase your level, and, of course, upgrade your weapons.

If you interact with the Gunrrom, you will notice that, before you can attempt to upgrade your weapon, you will need to complete some objectives. All of them are obtainable through killing enemies, so go ahead and have a few runs if you are missing some of the objectives. Once you do, you will be met with a red button saying “Unveil Mysterium”. This will unlock a gun perk that will help you battle enemies during your runs more effectively.

Screenshot: The Astronauts

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Unveiling a Mysterium will also grant you the next weapon objectives to unlock another perk. Note that you will also have to unveil other Mysteriums if you wish to further upgrade your weapon, in this case, our hand cannon called Hunger. This will help you out during your Witchfire runs and help you get Arcana upgrades as well. Keep killing those foes!

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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