How To Use Custom Entrance Music In WWE 2K23

Show off your flair with some different tracks!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re hoping to strut your stuff with the best of them in WWE 2K23, you’re going to need something bombastic to blast while making your way to the center stage before facing off against your friends in combat. To avoid using an existing WWE superstar’s entrance music, you may be hoping that you’ll have the chance to strut your stuff to some custom music, so let’s get ready to rumble and find out if there is any way to do just that, or if you’ll be limited to the standard choices once again.

Can You Use Custom Music In WWE 2K23?

To get the blood pumping and the excitement flowing, you’ll have a few different tracks that you’re able to pick and choose from, but you cannot import fully custom songs. We can only assume this is due to licensing reasons, and while it may be slightly disappointing to some, the soundtrack this year offers a great selection of tracks that can be used while making your way to the ring.

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While this feature is not currently live as of Version 1.02, we can assume it will be much like WWE 2K22, where you can use any track that is on the soundtrack and turn it into a custom theme, and with choices ranging from Metallica to Ozzy Osbourne — with plenty of choices in between — you’ll be bound to find the perfect song for your entrance. The songs included are as follows:

  • Sad But True – Metallica
  • Quevedo – Bizarrap, Quevedo
  • Vegas – Doja Cat
  • SUVs – Luciano
  • Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Ramen & OJ – Joyner Lucas, Lil Baby
  • No More Tears To Cry – Bullet For My Valentine
  • Dame Lu – Dei V, Omar Courtz
  • Shipwreck – Letdown
  • Grounds – IDLES
  • Take What You Want – Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone

From this list, you can take any song and find the perfect segment that will complement your Created Wrestler and make their ring walk that much more memorable. Seeing someone coming down to the stage during the climax of Take What You Want is rather exciting and memorable, so get to creating your ultimate entrance as soon as possible!

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023