How to Win the Yeti Hunter Mode in Overwatch 2

Play as the Hunter or the Yeti. You choose!

by Michelle Cornelia

The Yeti Hunter is arguably one of the most fun game modes since its first introduction in the first Overwatch. You can choose whether to play as the Hunter or the Yeti in this mode. As the hunter, you’ll be playing as Mei in a team of five with one objective: to stop the Yeti from going rampage. Meanwhile, if you’re playing as Winston the Yeti, you can collect meat to transform yourself into a deadly beast to earn eliminations quickly. You need to win on both sides if you’re looking to complete the Winter Wonderland challenges, so ensure you know how to win the Yeti Hunter mode in Overwatch 2.

How to Win the Yeti Hunter Mode in Overwatch 2 as the Hunter

The key to winning, as Mei, is teamwork. As soon as you see the Yeti, you can ping him to alert your teammates to focus on him. When multiple people focus on him, he’ll have a more challenging time reaching the meat scattered around the map. You’ll also want to track how much meat he has eaten, which is shown on the right side at the top of your screen. Winston needs to eat four pieces of meat before he can transform, so you’ll want to change your approach the moment he has eaten three.

As soon as he has eaten the third meat, make sure you find a good hiding spot on the map. It’s also a good thing to keep your distance as far away as possible because there’s a chance that Winston may jump to your location while Primal Rage is active. Thankfully, there are a lot of dark corridors on the map that you can use to your advantage. In addition to that, try placing a trap in one of the spots where the meat spawns before you hide. You may get lucky and trap the Yeti for a short time.

How to Win the Yeti Hunter Mode in Overwatch 2 as the Yeti

The fastest way to win as the Yeti is to focus on finding the meat and ignoring all the Mei at the beginning of the match. There’s a meat near the bridge outside your spawn and another one at the center of the map. If you follow this route, you only need to get two pieces of meat left, and given how close they spawn to each other, you shouldn’t have a problem getting to them. A good strategy you can try is to hold off eating the fourth meat to lure some of the impatient Mei players to you. Camp a nearby meat, and quickly eat it to activate Primal Rage the moment you see them coming at you.

They will most likely turn into an ice block, but just wait it out. The ice block only lasts for around two seconds, and the moment it breaks, you can just tap them twice to earn an elimination. Keep doing this until you get five eliminations in total. You can check the total of your eliminations by looking at the Mei icon at the top of your screen. Good luck!

Overwatch 2 is available right now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 15th, 2022

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