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I Chose the Impossible: BioShock Glitch Guide

Use this exploit to easily obtain the gold trophy/achievement.

by Jess Menga


This guide details how to seamlessly perform the BioShock glitch to receive the Gold trophy or achievement, “I Chose the Impossible.” This trophy/achievement requires players to complete BioShock on the highest difficulty level without using Vita-chamber capsules. However, there is a glitch that players can exploit to play the game on any difficulty level but still receive the Gold triumph.

Caution: spoilers ahead. Proceed with this guide at your own discretion.

I Chose the Impossible – Gold Trophy/Achievement

How to Get It

According to the trophy/achievement, players must complete the game on Survivor difficulty, without the aid of Vita-chamber capsules.

  • Disable the Vita-chamber capsules in your game Options menu to avoid an accidental self-revival that would prevent you from receiving this trophy or achievement. And yes, you still need to do this, glitch or not.
  • Save frequently, and consider running two save files of the game just in case you don’t succeed the first time. This will allow you to load up a previous save of the game so you don’t have to start from scratch. That would suck.

The BioShock Glitch that Makes the Impossible Possible

Okay, so maybe completing the game in its entirety on the Survivor difficulty level is not totally impossible. There is, after all, a trophy/achievement for it. However, this BioShock glitch will make obtaining that reward a little bit easier. In fact, it’ll be a breeze, since ironically, the final boss is not actually that difficult to beat. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you were expecting more (so was I), but I have a feeling a lot of you may actually be relieved to hear this (and if so, you’re welcome!). That being said, you came here for a glitch, so a glitch you shall get.

How to Execute the BioShock Glitch for “I Chose the Impossible”

  1. Play through the main stages of BioShock at any level of difficulty you feel comfortable with, and don’t forget to disable the Vita-chamber capsules.
  2. To ensure success, create a separate save file that you can return to, just in case.
  3. Fight the final boss, Fontaine, at any lower level of difficulty you’re comfortable with.
  4. Defeat Fontaine and IMMEDIATELY pause the game once the screen flashes white. If it does not flash white, just pause before you see the autosave function start rolling. If you reach the final cutscene, you’re too late. This is why you created a separate save file.
  5. In the Gameplay Options menu, change the difficulty to Survivor. The game will tell you that changing the difficulty level will affect trophies, but don’t sweat it — it should still work.
  6. You may now resume the game. Watch the final video and, assuming you did everything correctly, you will receive your “I Chose the Impossible” trophy or achievement. Congrats!
  7. If for some reason you don’t receive the trophy/achievement at this point, you know what to do. (Hint: the separate save file. Lather, rinse, repeat.)

Final Note: This guide will also help you with the “Seriously Good at This,” “Brass Balls,” and “A Man Chooses” trophies/achievements. For “Brass Balls,” simply reload the checkpoint and repeat all of the above on the Hard difficulty level. For useful information on all the other BioShock trophies and achievements, dig this.

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