Is CS:GO down? Here’s how to check CS:GO Server Status

Have issues logging in? You're not alone.

by Shaun Cichacki


If you were looking to get into a quick game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you may need to wait a little while, as it seems that there are currently some server issues plaguing the game. However, if you’re looking to keep on top of this so you know when you can get back into another game with your friends, you won’t need to do much digging with us around.

We’ve got you covered on different ways that you’ll be able to check the server status for Counter-Strike, so let’s get right into the details, so you know when you’ll be ready to Dust some enemies once more.

How To Tell If CS: GO Servers Are Down?

You’ll want to start by checking different websites, such as,, or, which will offer in-depth reports on what is happening with the status of this game. Currently, checking into either of these sites, you’ll quickly notice the number of reports that are saying gamers are having a hard time logging into the game, or even getting anywhere at all with it.

You may also be able to check different Twitter Threads, as the main CS: GO Twitter Page does not seem to offer much in regards to how their servers are currently operating. Many different players are quite vocal on Twitter about server issues, so you may have the best luck there knowing what is currently going on with your favorite game. Using a different account, such as @servicesdown_ will also allow you to let other players know that you’re running into issues.

You can also continue to check by trying to log in to the game, but it seems like that may be one of the more frustrating options available, especially if you’re ready to start gaming. Once the servers come back online, however, you’re likely to know faster than ever by following along with these links!

And there we have it, the best and easiest ways to check and see if you’re running into an issue logging into your favorite game! Make sure that you’re checking out our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive section, where we cover anything from recent patch notes to features that are added and removed from the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available now on PC.

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