Is Fall Guys Down? Here’s How to Check Fall Guys Server Status

Check if the connection problems are on your side or Mediatonic's side!

by Elliott Gatica


With Fall Guys transitioning into a free-to-play atmosphere, introducing a heavy influx of players who never got to experience the platforming battle royale, there are bound to be some server issues along the way. Should you ever experience some connection issues along the way, here are some ways you can check the status of the servers in Fall Guys and other solutions should you find yourself asking if the game is down.

How to Check Fall Guys Server Status

If you find yourself disconnecting or having issues with the game’s servers, you should try the following:

Check Reddit and other active Fall Guy forums

Before assuming the worst, check the Fall Guys Subreddit. Sort the posts by “Newest” and see if there are multiple people talking about having connection issues like not being able to find a game or they’re disconnecting from matches. If there are multiple posts within the hour of you also having issues, the servers might be impacted to a degree.


Check the Fall Guys official social media accounts

If you suspect that the game might be having connectivity issues and not on your side, they would be reported by the official accounts. Your best bet is to check their Twitter first. If nothing is reported, try coming back within the hour to see if any new developments came from the accounts. If not, proceed with the solutions below.

Check if connection issues are on your side

Sometimes, our connection problems can be on our side. ISPs can’t always be fully reliable. Network traffic can be backed up and outages can occur, among many things. If you suspect this might be the case, run an internet speed test, check if there are outages in your area, or try playing another game online. If you also find yourself having server issues in other games, it can be on your end.


Check your console’s server status

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all have dedicated pages that break down their server statuses. If you’re having server issues, check on your platform’s website and see what the status of these services is. While Fall Guys runs on their own servers, they still need to be able to get some connection with other platforms.

Also, check for any possible scheduled maintenance that may run during the time in which you are playing. Interruptions may occur, causing faulty connections and even disconnects.

Contact Fall Guys support

If all else fails, you may need to send in a support ticket to the Fall Guys support page. Here, they’ll list out a handful of FAQs if you are having some sort of issues with the internet connection among other things. If these don’t help, you can ‘submit a request’ and give specific info that might be causing lag and other online stability issues in-game.

Hopefully, one of these many solutions will help so you can go out there and earn some victories!

Fall Guys is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is due to be released for free for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles on June 21, 2022.

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