Is Final Fantasy 16 Open World? Answered

Is the latest Final Fantasy game open-world?

by Christian Bognar
Final Fantasy XVI World
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Final Fantasy 16 is the latest installment in the extremely popular and long-running franchise. Final Fantasy 15 took the series in a different direction by making the game open-world, allowing players to explore every nook and cranny. While some players loved this change in direction, some thought it didn’t work as well as the base formula. So this begs the question about the newest installment — is Final Fantasy 16 open-world? This guide has the answer for you.

Does Final Fantasy 16 Have an Open World?

Final Fantasy 16 is not an open-world game. Instead, the game features open-zone areas similar to how God of War does its format. These large areas will have main quests and side quests for the players to complete, and you can come back to these large areas in the future as much as you would like. These giant areas are known as “Kingdoms” across the land of Valisthea. Square Enix, the developer behind the game, shows off in its latest gameplay trailer that the world is huge and there will be much to discover through exploration and storytelling.

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Final Fantasy 16 features a central hub location. This location is called the Hideaway, and players will return here whenever they complete the main quest in the larger branching areas. The Hideaway will be the best place to upgrade gear, prepare for the following main quest, and more.

So, even though Final Fantasy 16 is more linear than its predecessor, it still offers deep exploration in its large areas. If you are bummed about Square Enix confirming a more linear format, it will be easy to look past it, as the early previews look great for the game. There seems to be tons of content to love for both fans of open-world and linear. The decision to return to the more linear format for the world is a great move, as 15 felt less like Final Fantasy due to its structure — but that is just my opinion.

- This article was updated on June 6th, 2023

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