Is Last Epoch on Console?

Find out if Last Epoch is on consoles and start your journey once and for all.

by Carlos Hurtado
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

Is Last Epoch on Console? This is a question most gamers are asking right now as the new title launched recently on Steam. The action RPG made by Eleventh Hour Games already has thousands of players on Steam, and its future looks promising by all the reviews it has gathered. So get ready to find out if Last Epoch is on Console once and for all.

Is Last Epoch on Console?

No, Last Epoch is not on consoles. Unfortunately for console players, Last Epoch is not available on old-gen and next-gen consoles, so they will have to buy a PC if they want to experience this new and exciting title. The developers have already answered this question on Twitter, and according to Eleventh Hour Games, having a console version of the game is not out of the question, but it will not come anytime soon.

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According to Last Epoch’s developers, they are an indie studio with limited resources, so they look to improve the experience on the existing platforms before reaching the console market. Taking their attention and time out of the current version of the game to port it to consoles will have an impact on the game’s performance and stability, so developing a console port is not on their plans right now.

Last Epoch offers what any action RPG fan loves about the genre. Players have access to skill trees, fifteen mastery classes, a rewarding crafting system, and a loot system that will keep players on the edge of their sit while looking for powerful and rare items.

On the game’s Steam page, Last Epoch states they do not have pay-to-win tactics. Stating they do not support and have paid advantages so all players can have a fair experience. Something many casual players will appreciate, as many pay-to-win tactics have been frowned upon in the gaming community.

All in all, action RPG fans should take a loot into Last Epoch if they have not heard about the title. Last Epoch could become the new free-to-play title of choice for Diablo fans. If you are new to Last Epoch and need help throughout your adventure, read any of our Last Epoch guides and get the help you need.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023