Is Ready or Not Coming to PlayStation or Xbox?

Ready or Not makes its mark in Early Access

by Gordon Bicker


Ready or Not has been launched on Steam in an early access form and with its launch, it is growing a solid player base with its popularity even in the early access phase. It pits a team of (up to) five players in realistic SWAT Mission scenarios and allows them to battle against terrorists who seek to do harm on civilian life in a brutal depiction of real-world situations that may play out on a frequent basis. At the time of writing alone, there is over 10,000 concurrent players on Steam and this highlights its success so far. This guide will let you know if Ready or Not Coming to PlayStation or Xbox.

Is Ready or Not Arriving on PlayStation and Xbox?

The main focus point that players are talking about at the moment is if the experience will be making its way to consoles in the near future since players are missing the opportunity to be able to play it if consoles are their preferred gaming platform. In terms of what we know so far, it is that Ready or Not’s developers have no current plans for releasing the game on console.

However, it is not ruled out all together and due to the fact that the game is expected to stay in Early Access for close to a year. It is likely that any news of the game arriving for consoles will appear after that point. VOID Interactive have certainly been working hard as it is a self-published game so budgeting for them will be essential to begin the process of shipping the game to PlayStation and Xbox if they decide to do so.

There are numerous other games that have been in the early access phase recently with great popularity. More Early Access is certainly a great step forward for the gaming community.

Ready or Not is available now in Early Access on PC.

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