Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League a Live Service Game?

Just don't make it too grindy.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Rocksteady Studios

Another big trend in gaming is that many AAA titles tend to be live-service titles, meaning that they aren’t one-and-done experiences and are shelved away in our digital libraries. The games don’t end once you get 1,000 gamerscore or the platinum trophy. You keep going. With Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League coming out soon, is it going to be a live service game? We can answer this below.

Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League a Live Service Game?

From what it seems after initial trailers and from the latest Sony State of Play, this gaming is going to be a live service title. We know this because all the telltale signs are there.

Ranging from things like having a battle pass, post-launch content, updates, new characters, and more make it seem like what you’re paying for upfront won’t be all. You’ll have to stick around and see what has changed or what has been added once you get to the credits.

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There were even talks about playing the game way after completion, implying that endgame content will come around. What that will entail is still to be known, but what is certain is that with things like gear score, weapon customization, and upgrading, there is going to be a lot to grind for.

Hopefully, Rocksteady Games has taken notes from how recent live service titles went down. Specifically, we’re looking at how Marvel’s Avengers lost its footing rather quickly turning into a looter game riddled with microtransactions.

So far, the early reception of the news regarding the game having a battle pass hasn’t been too well. It’s going to be a lot tougher, given that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is going to take place in the Arkhamverse. With large shoes to fill, knowing that this will also have a large online component won’t sit well with fans of the franchise. 

How it’s all handled is to be determined, obviously. For now, we can hope that some things aren’t as bad as the community is painting them out to be.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023