Will Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Have a Battle Pass? Explained

Will this make the game meet the same fate as Marvel's Avengers?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Rocksteady Studios

We’re in a weird era of gaming where everything has to have a battle pass, season pass, post-launch support, and other things to keep players coming back to specific games. It can get tiring after a while, feeling like we’re playing games because they’re a chore instead of legitimate enjoyment. With big releases coming this year, will Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League have a battle pass? This is what we know.

Will Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Have a Battle Pass?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to have an experience where you can collect everything the game has to offer, you’re going to have to get the battle pass. We know that these words have started to garner a negative connotation in the gaming sphere, but not all hype is dead here.

The battle pass in Suicide Squad “will only contain cosmetic items” according to the Studio Product Director, Darius Sadeghian. You don’t have to worry about being locked out of anything that can be considered pay-to-win or any of that. 

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There is sure to be a handful of different cosmetics that you’ll unlock in the game without having to fork out additional money for these items. If cosmetics are something you do want to get because you’re that type of player, that option is for you.

How Much Will the Battle Pass in Suicide Squad: KTJL Cost?

We do not know the prices for that yet, but they shouldn’t be too high. We’ll be sure to update you as we know more, including what exactly they’ll contain. If these cosmetics are certain character shaders, costumes, weapon decals, or other things, we will also find that out as we get closer to launch.

For now, there are some other big things to look forward to in this game like its possible co-op options and other modes. 

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023