Is Volcanoids Multiplayer? Explained

Digging through the earth with friends.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Volcanoid

Nothing can make getting through a survival game like Volcanoids easier than being able to play with friends. Having an extra set of hands to gather materials and build up your train is the best way to ensure your survival from the volcano threatening the island. Let’s go over if Volcanoids is multiplayer and how to set up a multiplayer game.

Does Volcanoids Have Multiplayer?

Like many other survival games, Volcanoids does allow you to weather the storm of the volcano with friends. Just make sure to bring a close friend along for the ride as it can get quite cramped underground.

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You can bring up to three of your friends along with you for your adventure. But you might want to progress a bit in the game first as there will only be Drillship present in the game at a time. Everyone will need to pile into one ship and it is quite small starting out.

How To Invite Friends In Volcanoids

Inviting friends into your Volcanoids game is quite simple as the game features drop-in co-op. Simply load up your single-player world and then invite your friends through the pause menu or the Steam overlay.

While you can normally only have four players in a single world at a time, you can have more if you do some file editing. However, the game will become a bit unstable if you go past the four-person limit.

It should also be noted that the world save is only for the host of the world. So make sure the person hosting the game will always be the host if you don’t want to lose any progress.

Going back to your own world after joining someone else’s will leave you with the basic starter Drillship no matter how far you get. You won’t even be able to bring any items back with you to get a headstart.

Perhaps some future updates for the game will allow you to join a friend’s world with a save of your own so you can make progress with them at the same time. Then when you go back to your own world, your upgrade and items will come with you.

Although you can’t bring your progress back to your world with you, it will still remain in your friend’s save of the game. So rejoining at a later date will have you spawning back in with your full inventory and any upgrades you had prior.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023