Is Wallpaper Engine Worth It?

it's just wallpapers right?

by J.T. Isenhour


Wallpaper Engine is something that at least one of your Steam friends uses and there has to be some reason behind this. Aside from free-to-play games, it is rare to find a game on Steam that most of the player base owns. It’s almost to the point where Wallpaper Engine is a staple “game” on Steam. Let’s go over if Wallpaper Engine is worth buying and what you get out of it.

Is Wallpaper Engine Worth Buying

The big thing that holds people back from Wallpaper Engine is the idea of spending any money at all on desktop wallpapers. You can always just set an image that you want for free and there are even some free programs out there that can give you animated wallpapers like the League of Legends wallpaper application. So why bother spending $4 on something you can do for free, there really isn’t a simple answer to this.

All you can do with Wallpaper Engine is apply wallpapers to your desktop backgrounds, you are mostly paying for convenience and ease of use. Wallpaper Engine has a huge library of premade wallpapers that come in every resolution up to 4k and there are practically infinite amounts of wallpapers that are submitted through the community workshop. You can always find wallpaper or two from your favorite game or show.

Plus the wallpapers you can apply tend to be a bit more in-depth than your standard still image, you can have gifs or videos with sounds playing on loop, wallpapers that interact with your mouse cursor,  wallpapers that will show you the date and time, and wallpapers that have audio visualizers built in. You can also set up the wallpapers to change every hour or to display certain wallpapers at specific times of the day. The neat part about all these features is that you only have to pay $4 or less if you manage to find Wallpaper Engine on sale, which is a lot less than you would need to pay to try out Fallout 76.

Of course, Wallpaper Engine won’t be for everyone, some people don’t care about their background or are content with having a still image they want to use and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you want a bit more flare on your desktop and don’t want to bother with other complex programs that are out there then Wallpaper Engine is a pretty nice deal.

Since it is a Steam game as well, you can try it out for a bit and refund it if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work. This can actually extend beyond two hours after you purchase it and boot it up since the hours’ tracker on Steam only counts the time you are actively using it and not the time it is casually on in the background of your PC. While this doesn’t mean you can use it for every and refund it when you get bored of it, you don’t have to make your decision if you want to keep it or not within two hours of opening it.

Desktop Engine is available on PC.

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