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It Takes Two: How to Beat Giant Beetle Boss

This hard-shelled boss can be tough

by Ben Turnbull


The Giant Beetle is one of the first tough bosses that you go up against in It Takes Two. It’s actually quite simple to figure out what to do, which is usually the challenge in the boss battles of this game, however this boss can be quite difficult to beat even when you have a plan. Here’s how to take down the Giant Beetle in It Takes Two.

How to Beat Giant Beetle in It Takes Two

This boss requires a fair amount of communication between both you and your co-op buddy. The Giant Beetle actually has quite a predictable and simple move set, however it does require some quick reflexes and aiming to take it down. Without a doubt, May has the hardest job and ultimately the most impact in this boss battle.

  • The first thing you want to do is get used to dodging the Giant Beetle’s charge attacks. It will take turns charging and homing in on Cody and May, so when it charges at your buddy, get ready for an attack. When it charges at you, make sure you look left or right just before it hits you and press the dash button to dodge the charge attack.
  • The Giant Beetle will also let out a shockwave which you need to prepare for and jump over. It will switch up its attack occasionally and jump up and down, letting out three shockwaves in a row which you’ll need to jump over. The Beetle can also jump on one of the players, letting out a shockwave when it hits the ground, so this involves dodging the jump and jumping over the shockwave.
  • Both Cody and May’s weapons seem to have no effect on the Beetle itself, so in order to do damage to it you’ll need to combine both of the weapons at the right time. Start by filling up each of the four pots (the holes with mesh over them) using Cody’s tree sap weapon.
  • Now that the pots are filled, to do damage to the boss you will need to shoot the sap with May’s weapon at the exact moment that the Giant Beetle is on top of it, to do damage to its underside. You will need to repeat this process until its health bar reaches zero.
  • You could just try to bait the Beetle into running over the sap and get May to shoot the sap at the exact right time to damage the boss, but this is quite difficult and unreliable.
  • Here’s a trick here that will make this fight significantly easier – as the beetle charges at you, stand slightly in front of the sap pot, making sure to time your dodge to get out of the way of the Beetle, and it will slide and come to a stop directly on top of the sap, where it will pause for a second to allow May to get a shot onto the sap, dealing damage. It is generally best to allow Cody to time his dodge so the Beetle stops on the sap so May can line up the shot. Without discovering this strategy, the boss could take a long time to defeat after multiple attempts.

It Takes Two is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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