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It Takes Two: How to Play with Friends

Friend's Pass is a really nice feature

by Ben Turnbull


While it’s self-explanatory to play It Takes Two in local co-op, it might not be immediately obvious how to play with friends online. It Takes Two has a feature called the Friend’s Pass which allows anyone that buys the game to play with their friend online, even if their friend doesn’t own the game. This is a big incentive to pick up the game, where the cost of the game can essentially be shared between both players, just like playing local co-op. You can also use this to try out the first chapter of the game for free if you’re not sure whether you want to buy the full game yet.

How to Play with Friends in It Takes Two using Friend’s Pass

To use the Friend’s Pass, both players need to have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on Xbox or PlayStation Plus on PlayStation.

  • First off, there is one of two options – you can either use the Friend’s Pass to try out the first chapter together for free, or you can player the entire game if one person owns the full game. One player needs to have the full game downloaded or have the Friend’s Pass downloaded already (this can be downloaded from the store page for It Takes Two).
  • From the main menu, the player that already has the game needs to invite their friend.
  • Their friend will then be directed to the store where they will be able to download It Takes Two.
  • After the game is downloaded, they can then play with their friend.

It Takes Two is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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